Tuesday, 3 July 2012

you're a winner...

That room is a very difficult room to sit in.  That conference room in the hotel by Heathrow.  Where many fates are decided by but a few.  I’ve been in it twice.  The fact that the decisions you are going to make are so massively affecting others is never lost on you.  Its stench hangs in the air constantly.  But decide, you must.   And in so doing, you churn out a country-full of losers
An emotional day for many - no doubt.  A day that has been dominated by the losers.  The unfortunate many who are not going to realize their Olympic Dreams.  This time.  
But what about the 77 who did?  Why haven’t we heard more about them?  Where are their stories?  Instead, we’re blanketed by the sorrow of the losers.  We can’t get away from them.  Radio. TV. Twitter. Facebook.  You can turn nowhere without seeing/hearing the terrible tale of the loser.  
A British phenomenon, maybe?  One thing I know for certain, is on USA Olympic selection day, you will not hear the losers’ stories.  It’s all about celebrating the achievements of those who have made it.  The few that have realized their Olympic Dream.  This time.  The odd piece may focus on the loser. But this story will fade into the sunset, as quickly as it is heard.  The losers back into obscurity.  
So while we hear the cry of the loser. While we mourn for their years of Devotion. Dedication. Discipline.  Without the ultimate reward.  Let us not forget to celebrate the achievement of the fortunate.  
For the losers - your time will come.  It is not now. You have fallen.  But you will arise stronger.  
“who is the happiest of men? He who values the merits of others, and in their pleasures takes joy, even as though they t’were his own” 

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe