Thursday, 9 August 2012

random Olympic thoughts...part deux

Andrew Osagie and David Rudisha
What a night in the stadium!  I’m a sprint coach, so you would think the 200m would be the highlight for me.  But not tonight.  I’m sure everyone will agree that the 800m race was the highlight of the Games so far (at least for track and field fans).  David Rudisha broke the world record.  6 other athletes set personal bests.  Our British finalist, Andrew Osagie, set a 7/10ths PB.  With a time that would have medalled in the last 3 Olympic Games.  And came last!  When he came back to the warm-up track after his round of interviews, he couldn’t do much more than just shrug his shoulders, stating that it was just an ‘honor to be a part of that race’.  By the way, I watched Rudisha warm up.  It was very technical, so you may want to take notes now.  He jogged (very slowly) around the track for about 40 minutes.  And....that was it.

Shame Kenya are not going to be in the 4x400m Final after being DQ'ed.  I really wanted to see what Rudisha could do there.  And the talk of a potential Bolt-Rudisha 4x400 meeting is now off - especially since Jamaica won't be there either, after a clearly unfit Jermaine Gonzalez failed to finish his leg. 

There’s talk of a future 400m race between Rudisha and Bolt.  I personally don’t think it would be much of a race, but it would blow away the Bailey-Johnson 150 from 1997 in interest and marketing opportunities. 


Speaking of warm-ups, here is a video of the 200m medallists doing some light strides about 30 minutes into their warm-ups: 


Following in the vain of the St Kitts Olympic Committee: 
OK - I didn’t know about this one at all, and was notified by my friend Ross Dominikovich, a former Kiwi bobsledder.  Apparently, the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) ‘forgot’ to register World Champion and Gold Medal favorite shot putter Valerie Adams.  Adams didn’t find out about this until she went to check which qualifying pool she was in the day before her competition.  Lacking sleep, frustrated, an inability to access certain training facilities, and the overall stress of this incident possibly (probably) aided in Adams under-performing, and getting beat to the Gold Medal by Belarusian John Goodman....At this point, the NZOC has yet to offer an apology to Adams.  Bizarre. And I still don't understand why they killed Ostapchuk off of 'Treme'...
Ross also relayed a story to me about some of the same guys from NZOC who decided to take the bobsleigh team bus skiing during the Salt lake City Olympic Games.  On race day!  They showed up at the bob track in between heats, and wanted to sit in the sled and take some photos!  Idiots.


I had a nice lunch with Jimson Lee from yesterday (he even treated!).  If you haven’t yet been to his site, check it out (not that he needs my recommendations - he apparently is getting in excess of 18,000 viewers a day!).  He blogs pretty proficiently, and has a few guest posters (including myself in the near future), who together offer up a heap of interesting info.  His goal with the site is simply to share knowledge freely and build constructive global conversations.   


In other news, Bolt is the first ever to repeat in the deuce.  Will Clay only the third ever to medal in both the long and the triple (the last being Naoto Najima  in 1936).  And, with no Kenya in the 4x400m Final, we now have to put up with another day of 'Blade Runner'-watch.  I really don't think that Pistorius should be allowed to compete, but I dig this picture all the same:
Oscar Pistorius with young girl at Lee Valley in North London