Monday, 31 December 2018

Best Books (and more) of 2018

I listened to way more podcasts in 2018 than books.  I spend in excess of 2 hours a day either in the car or training, so I get a lot of time to check out what in my opinion still remains an under-utilized tool.  I need to re-up my book game though in 2019; I think this year I only got through 25-30.  The ones I have listed here were those I read all the way through and would have no hesitation recommending.  

If anyone has any recommendations other than what is on my on-deck list, or any other recommendations for good podcasts, I’m all ears!

My 2019 Resolutions:

  • Read Every Day
  • Learn Every Day
  • Sweat Every Day

Simple …


Top 12 Books

Thinking in Bets - Annie Duke
The Barcelona Way - Damian Hughes
Complexity Demystified - Bautemant & Braenner
21 Lessons for the 21st Century - Yuval Noah Harari 
The Performance Cortex - Zach Schonbrun
The End of Average - Todd Rose
What is Philosophy? - Gilles Deleuve & Felix Guatarri
59 Lessons - Fergus Connolly
12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson
Gates of Fire - Stephen Pressfield
Never Split the Difference - Chris Voss
The Culture Code - Daniel Coyle

On deck in 2019:

Brief History of Thought - Luc Ferry
Frames of Mind - Howard Gardner
Operation Yao Ming - Brook Larmer
This is Marketing - Seth Godin
Moral Tribes - Joshua Greene
The Power of Moments - Chip & Dan Heath
Anne Lamont - Notes on Hope
The Laws of Human Nature - Robert Greene

Top 12 General Podcasts:

Leave Your Mark w/ Scott Livingston
After On w/ Rob Reid
The Drive w/ Peter Attia
Econtalk w/ Russ Roberts
The TED Interview w/ Chris Anderson
Waking Up w/ Sam Harris
How I Built This w/ Guy Roz
The Moment w/ Brian Koppelman
Rich Roll
Very Bad Wizards

Top 5 Performance Podcasts:

HMMR Media 
All Things Health and Wellness w/ Robbie Bourke
ALTIS w/ Ellie Spain
Perception-Action w/ Rob Gray

Top 5 Listens:

Waking Up - The Edge of Humanity w/ Yuval Noah Harari
The TED Interview - David Deutsch
Leave Your Mark - Stephen Norris
After On - David Eagleman
The Knowledge Project - The Trust Battery w/ Tobi Lutke