Monday, 31 December 2018

Best Books (and more) of 2018

I listened to way more podcasts in 2018 than books.  I spend in excess of 2 hours a day either in the car or training, so I get a lot of time to check out what in my opinion still remains an under-utilized tool.  I need to re-up my book game though in 2019; I think this year I only got through 25-30.  The ones I have listed here were those I read all the way through and would have no hesitation recommending.  

If anyone has any recommendations other than what is on my on-deck list, or any other recommendations for good podcasts, I’m all ears!

My 2019 Resolutions:

  • Read Every Day
  • Learn Every Day
  • Sweat Every Day

Simple …


Top 12 Books

Thinking in Bets - Annie Duke
The Barcelona Way - Damian Hughes
Complexity Demystified - Bautemant & Braenner
21 Lessons for the 21st Century - Yuval Noah Harari 
The Performance Cortex - Zach Schonbrun
The End of Average - Todd Rose
What is Philosophy? - Gilles Deleuve & Felix Guatarri
59 Lessons - Fergus Connolly
12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson
Gates of Fire - Stephen Pressfield
Never Split the Difference - Chris Voss
The Culture Code - Daniel Coyle

On deck in 2019:

Brief History of Thought - Luc Ferry
Frames of Mind - Howard Gardner
Operation Yao Ming - Brook Larmer
This is Marketing - Seth Godin
Moral Tribes - Joshua Greene
The Power of Moments - Chip & Dan Heath
Anne Lamont - Notes on Hope
The Laws of Human Nature - Robert Greene

Top 12 General Podcasts:

Leave Your Mark w/ Scott Livingston
After On w/ Rob Reid
The Drive w/ Peter Attia
Econtalk w/ Russ Roberts
The TED Interview w/ Chris Anderson
Waking Up w/ Sam Harris
How I Built This w/ Guy Roz
The Moment w/ Brian Koppelman
Rich Roll
Very Bad Wizards

Top 5 Performance Podcasts:

HMMR Media 
All Things Health and Wellness w/ Robbie Bourke
ALTIS w/ Ellie Spain
Perception-Action w/ Rob Gray

Top 5 Listens:

Waking Up - The Edge of Humanity w/ Yuval Noah Harari
The TED Interview - David Deutsch
Leave Your Mark - Stephen Norris
After On - David Eagleman
The Knowledge Project - The Trust Battery w/ Tobi Lutke


  1. Jordan Peterson? Really? He seems like tge idiot's smart guy to me. Having said that, I'd never want to restrict anyone reading as many viewpoints as possible. But I find Peterson to be asinine .

    1. Asinine? He's obviously very knowledgeable in his area of expertise which is psychology, and it's fair to assume that you would need to be highly intelligent to produce the material he's created. Your comment is obviously the work of an anonymous and cowardly troll.

  2. New to your work. Good luck. Based on your book list (many of my guests), I think you would love my podcast. “One Percent Better.” Would be thrilled to have you listen. —Joe @FerraroOnAir

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  4. I have the 12 Rules for Life and it has been a tough read for me. I put it down and started to watch some youtube videos by him. Its been a while since I watched them, but they were very interesting and thought provoking.

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